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European Portuguese Online for Beginners

Learn basic European Portuguese vocabulary and grammar and useful phrases in thirty lessons. Learn extensive new vocabulary for every day situations. Conjugate regular verbs as well as important irregular verbs. Practice and self-test with interactive exercises. Repeat lessons at your own pace. Listen to our audio clips for the correct pronunciation of the Portuguese vocabulary, verbs and phrases. Upon completion of this course, you will have learned many words and sentences useful for traveling and doing business in Portuguese-speaking countries. You will be able to form simple sentences in the present tense ask questions and understand the responses.   Preview Course here:

European Portuguese Online for Beginners 2A

european portuguese onlineThis online course is a continuation of the Portuguese for Beginners, offering all new vocabulary, grammatical constructions, cultural notes, and readings. Study important verbs and their conjugations, including the preterit of regular and some irregular verbs. Learn interrogative words, impersonal verbs, adjectives, and how to form negative sentences. Thirty-four lessons cover these subjects, and more! There are over 90 interactive exercises that enable you to practice, reconfigure, and repeat any section until you have mastered the material.  Preview Course Here:

Portuguese for Beginners 2B

Learn to conjugate and use 30 new Portuguese irregular verbs. The lessons include interactive exercises, quizzes, and puzzles. Repeat any of the course components until you have mastered the material. Use them in sentences; pick up new vocabulary; practice with self-testing exercises and quizzes. This course is a terrific supplement to your other Portuguese studies. Preview course here:

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  1. Steven Fisher says:

    My partner and I will be spending three weeks in Lisbon in late February and early March. I want to learn European Portuguese so I can more fully enjoy the experience and interact with people whom I meet. I did take two courses in Brazilian Portuguese several years ago but confess that I do not remember very much because I had no-one to practice with. (I know that European Portuguese is different from that spoken in Brazil in any event, so I may have to un-learn some things!) I am hoping that my knowledge of three other Romance languages (Spanish (new world), French and Italian will ease my way toward a certain level of proficiency. I tend to set high standards for myself but have never before attempted to learn a language “on-line.” Any information you can provide me regarding how you might approach the learning experience, what your fees are, how I can augment my learning on my own, etc. would be very much appreciated.

    Steven Fisher

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