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Spanish VocabularyOf all the fun ways to tweak your language skills, puzzles and riddles are at the top of the list. These exercises are like a mini language learning immersion as you face the challenges of reading, translating, comprehending, and responding to the puzzle or riddle. For the riddles, often the answer is not as obvious as you might think; you need to interpret the words before you can truly grasp their meaning. In this process you are exercising your brain which, in turn, helps you to retain the vocabulary used in the riddle. Here are a puzzle and a couple of riddles that are fun to solve while you practice your language skills. Give it a try.

In order to get the right answers accents are required. Check codes here:How do I add Spanish accents when typing a document on my computer?   Or copy and paste them when you need!  á  é  í  ó  ú  ñ

Language learning – Riddle # 1

Pobre me echó Dios al mundo,
sin plata ni que tener,
me quitan el alimento,
ya me dejan padecer.

¿Qué es?

Language learning – Riddle # 2

En los campos enterrado,
la mejor parte sumido,
blanco es y muy barbado,
y el olor muy conocido.
Tiene dientes y no boca,
tiene cabeza y no pies.

¿Qué es?

Language Learning – Riddle # 3

Quién es quién va caminando,
que no es dueño de sus pies,
que lleva el cuerpo al revés,
y el espinazo arrastrando.
Que los pasos que va dando,
no hay nadie que se los cuente.
Cuando quiere descansar,
mete sus pies en su vientre.

¿Qué es?

To increase your vocabulary look up the words you don’t know and write down the meanings.  After knowing the meaning of each word, try to think of items that may fit the description.  Enjoy! 🙂

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2 Responses to PUZZLE IT OUT!!

  1. Wendy Lynn says:

    Supongo que numero uno es ajo, y numero dos es una tortuga, pero no estoy seguro.

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