About this Site

This language-learning site is about using online courses to go deeper into your language studies. What’s so great about this site? It explains the advantages of using online lessons and provides the information you need to get the most out of them. The effectiveness of online lessons is supported by several factors. Using the latest technology, online lessons provide the convenience of portability and accessibility. Wherever you can access the internet, your lessons await you.  Practice, which is the key to any language-learning program, is available at any time.

The use of online lessons brings variety to traditional learning methods, and often sparks a renewed interest in language learning. For people who can’t make it to a traditional class, online lessons have become a preferred tool for learning. For others, online lessons augment their ongoing studies. Students in the classroom and independent learners studying at their own pace use online lessons to discover new vocabulary and incorporate additional practice into their schedules. The automating aspect of online lessons allows rearranging of word lists, questions, and sentences so that learning by rote is avoided.  On this site you will find suggestions for study, access to online language lessons for purchase, and other discussions to encourage and reinforce your language-learning experience. Some of the material you will discover on this site includes the use of puzzles and riddles as a great way to enhance your studies.

You can also access free online language lessons that are posted for you to sample. And you will find a forum for new ideas as well as older, well-proven techniques, always with your language-learning goals in mind. Ultimately we want you to uncover your most effective style for language-learning; our discussions offer you a vast array of options from which to choose.

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