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Spanish, Portuguese and English Available Live via Zoom!

Online English Lessons: Portuguese-speakers who wish to learn English are now able to use online lessons to accomplish their goal. Our online English lessons for Portuguese Speakers are available wherever there is access to the internet, and the ability to self-test with quizzes and puzzles makes the process of learning English both efficient and flexible. The use of audio bits enables the user to hear the correct English pronunciation for the words. By replaying the sound as many times as necessary, the student can hear and repeat until they’ve mastered the lesson. The subject of each lesson is always relevant and useful; taken from everyday situations; the vocabulary offered can be used immediately.

Using online lessons is a well-regarded method for language learning because the lessons combine reading skills with verbal practice. Hearing, speaking, reading, and comprehending English words builds confidence and leads to efficient learning. And being able to re-sort the quizzes allows effective review and retention and discourages rote memorization. Thus the student is in control of their own learning experience in a fun and absorbing way.

Our online English for Portuguese Speakers course is affordable and efficient. The useful vocabulary and relevant phrases presented in 32 lessons enable students to engage successfully with native English-speakers. Practicing and self-testing with over 100 interactive exercises is easy in the digital format provided; access is assured on any electronic device, from computer to hand-held.

All the lessons include audio expressions for correct pronunciation of American English.English Classes Online Practice lessons can be repeated as often as necessary enabling students to learn at their own pace. This online course is an excellent beginning for Portuguese natives who are planning to live in an English-speaking country, and it is equally practical for visitors who need English language skills for touring or doing business internationally.

Online English Lessons for Portuguese Speakers

 Inglês para Portugueses – Curso Online

Apresentamos-lhe um curso prático e eficaz, com o qual aprenderá rapidamente Inglês. São 32 lições que contêm vocabulário e frases essenciais para uma aprendizagem garantida do Inglês. Além disso, contém ainda mais de 100 exercícios interativos e simples, com os quais aprende naturalmente e sem demasiado esforço. Cada uma destas lições é acompanhada por uma parte auditiva, para que treine, não só o seu ouvido, mas sobretudo a sua pronúncia de Inglês americano. Podendo repetir estas lições práticas as vezes que desejar, seguindo assim, o seu próprio ritmo.

Este curso é uma ótima oportunidade para quem queira aprender Inglês, sendo especialmente pensado para os falantes nativos de Português. Todo o curso é oferecido em formato digital, permitindo-lhe estudar em qualquer dispositivo eletrónico, desde que tenha ligação à internet, e assim, em qualquer lugar e hora.

Se vive ou pensa viver num país de língua inglesa, fazer negócios internacionais ou simplesmente comunicar, este será o curso ideal para si! Agarre já esta oportunidade e comece agora mesmo a aprender a língua mais falada do mundo.

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Our Spanish and Portuguese Language Classes are offered live online via Zoom. For more information visit

Spanish VocabularyOf all the fun ways to tweak your language skills, puzzles and riddles are at the top of the list. These exercises are like a mini language learning immersion as you face the challenges of reading, translating, comprehending, and responding to the puzzle or riddle. For the riddles, often the answer is not as obvious as you might think; you need to interpret the words before you can truly grasp their meaning. In this process you are exercising your brain which, in turn, helps you to retain the vocabulary used in the riddle. Here are a puzzle and a couple of riddles that are fun to solve while you practice your language skills. Give it a try.

In order to get the right answers accents are required. Check codes here:How do I add Spanish accents when typing a document on my computer?   Or copy and paste them when you need!  á  é  í  ó  ú  ñ

Language learning – Riddle # 1

Pobre me echó Dios al mundo,
sin plata ni que tener,
me quitan el alimento,
ya me dejan padecer.

¿Qué es?

Language learning – Riddle # 2

En los campos enterrado,
la mejor parte sumido,
blanco es y muy barbado,
y el olor muy conocido.
Tiene dientes y no boca,
tiene cabeza y no pies.

¿Qué es?

Language Learning – Riddle # 3

Quién es quién va caminando,
que no es dueño de sus pies,
que lleva el cuerpo al revés,
y el espinazo arrastrando.
Que los pasos que va dando,
no hay nadie que se los cuente.
Cuando quiere descansar,
mete sus pies en su vientre.

¿Qué es?

To increase your vocabulary look up the words you don’t know and write down the meanings.  After knowing the meaning of each word, try to think of items that may fit the description.  Enjoy! 🙂

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Spanish Vocabulary Practice Exercise

Spanish VocabularyThese Spanish Vocabulary Practice Exercise will help build your vocabulary.  Vocabulary building is one of the most effective techniques to develop for efficient language learning. Certainly there is more to language than vocabulary; the grammar puts the words together, and practice makes the sentences you create useful. But without vocabulary you have no sentences to construct, nothing to say, nothing to understand. As you strive to become bilingual, you should focus more and more on vocabulary building because the broader the range of your word choices, the more you can express yourself. That is what fluency is all about!

To complete this Spanish Vocabulary Practice Exercise you will need to use the accents in order to solve the puzzle correctly.  Since accents are required. Check codes here:How do I add Spanish accents when typing a document on my computer?   Or copy and paste them when you need!  á  é  í  ó  ú  ñ

Two words also require a hyphen so you will see an empty space for some reason the hyphen doesn’t show.

Exercises to practice the content of the CD “Practical Spanish Vocabulary Lessons”

Each Spanish Vocabulary Practice Exercise tests and offers additional practice on the vocabulary presented on the CD “Practical Spanish Vocabulary Lessons”  For more practice exercises, check this blog often.

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Portuguese Vocabulary 2


Learning Portuguese vocabulary is definitely not “all work and no play!” Try our Portuguese crossword puzzles for fun and entertainment, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the number of words you absorb into your personal Portuguese word bank. That’s because it is well-proven that language learning is made more efficient and effective if the student is having fun! With our puzzles you first must pick the right word, come up with its correct spelling, and then look for the reward of acceptance by the online mechanism. Try it, and see how the interactivity of online learning can be a language learning aid for you!
Note: Accents are required.  Copy and paste them when you need!  á  é  í  ó  ú  ã  ç  ê  õ

Portuguese Vocabulary – Perfect for the independent, motivated language learner!

Learn hundreds of Portuguese words in 13 lessons on one convenient CD. Practice new words for family, nature, travel, shopping, business, and more. Increase your communication skills by practicing correct pronunciation, taught by a native speaker. Included are reference cards for a quick spell check. The portable CD allows you to study where and when you wish, and set your own pace and goals in your ongoing studies.

Graphic: Language course on CD audio sample
DL-EuroPortVocabV1  $15.95

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Online Language Lessons

Language LearningIf you are thinking about studying a second language you will find that there are several paths to achieving your goal. Some students enjoy traditional classes, while others choose to study on their own. What’s great is how online languages lessons fit into both categories.

Independent Study: No matter how motivated you are you may not be able to get to a classroom for your lessons. You may not live near a language class. Maybe you travel a lot for your employer. Or perhaps your family obligations prevent you from taking a class.  Whatever the reason, you will enjoy the convenience of online lessons because you get to make your own study schedule. Lessons are available on any computer at any time that suits you. This flexibility gives you the ultimate freedom to choose where and when to study. You don’t have to abandon your language learning goals for any reason when you choose online lessons.

Classroom Study: If you are taking an onsite class your study routine is determined by your teacher. Usually, your lessons in class are reinforced with practice exercises for homework. That routine can be augmented by using online lessons as a study aid. Using these extra lessons will move you ahead quickly because of the ease with which you can access the lessons.

How Online Language Lessons Work: Most online language lessons are not complicated to use. An especially nice feature is their use of technology to refresh your approach to the material. For example, in a book you are given words to study. Obviously that list of words doesn’t change and you risk memorizing them in the order they are given. In an online lesson you can ask the system to rearrange the words so that your brain is not relying on rote memorization. By doing this, you learn each word separately and completely. Self-testing quizzes can also be re-sorted and repeated until you have learned the material well. Many students claim this is a fun way to learn; they enjoy the process as much as they enjoy their success at it.

The Best Way To Learn: A combination of study materials is the best way to learn. Ideally the online lessons will work in conjunction with the book you are using or the class you are taking. Not every school offers this combination, but it is worth seeking a school that takes this approach.

The Bottom Line: Learning a second language is a big challenge and you will help yourself by taking advantage of any study method that gets you closer to your goals. Online lessons are popular because they are so convenient and effective. That’s why Maria uses online lessons as a lab to augment her onsite classes. But whatever method you choose don’t be confused by promises of instant language learning. It takes time and effort to become bilingual, and it is a goal that can be reached if you are willing to work hard. Luckily, online language lessons are there to help you.

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